Looking forward to cooperation with those who research in the field of human sciences

- “Time In” is an academic publisher based in Bratislava (Slovakia) which issues digital books in Slovak, Czech, Russian and English languages. Thus, our collaboration can help you to expand your audience, including other countries

- We care about our reputation. To achieve this, all our publications are rigorously peer reviewed that allows us to maintain a high level of scientific and practical significance of the published material. The editorial board of our publishing house includes PhDs, associate professors and full professors from Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia specializing in the fields presented on our website

- We offer favourable terms of cooperation based on the royalties’ payments for the electronic copies of books sold. And, of course, we do not charge money for the publication, or other "imposed services". We offer cooperation that is based on mutual interest and benefit.

- We help to promote your scientific work not only on the Internet, but also in scientific databases such as Google Scholar, RSCI, etc.

No doubt it gives you a pleasant feeling to hold a printed edition in your hands, enjoy the rustle of the pages. Definitely, electronic versions will not be able to completely replace classical book printing. However, there are new multiple benefits modern technologies also offer us:

  1.  Publication speed. The process of publishing and distributing an e-book requires much less time than a printed book does. Time-consuming stages of printing, transportation and distribution are excluded from the classical publishing chain. Consequently, your scientific work will become available to the scientific and intellectual community much faster.

  2.  Accessibility. Electronic editions have no state borders and any territorial restrictions. Your monograph can be instantly read by a colleague from any part of the country or the globe. No complicated logistics is required to arrange delivery.

  3.  Easy to use. An e-book can be read on any electronic device, it does not take up space in luggage or in a briefcase, and, therefore, it is convenient to read it on route. In addition, electronic options are convenient to use when writing new articles and monographs, since it is easier to find and extract all the necessary quotations from an electronic rather than a printed book.

We publish so-called "protected e-books" implementing DRM (digital rights management) technologies, which provide protection against illegal copying, transfer and distribution of our e-books. You can read more about this in the FAQ section.

Yes, this option is available. Please, contact us via the form below, and we will get in touch with you to discuss all the details.

This type of cooperation is possible. However, it is connected with some legal and organizational issues. Also, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that at the moment we are publishing books only in four languages: Russian, Slovak, Czech and English. Please contact us via the form below, and we will get back to you to discuss all the details.

We offer various forms of cooperation with authors:

1) If you already have your monograph ready for publication, we will ask you to fill out the form below. However, we do not ask you to attach the entire text. At the first stage, we require initial data on your work and a brief summary. Then our editor will contact you and ask you to send the chapter "Introduction", which is expected to reflect the main provisions and structure of the monograph. After this it is sent to reviewers, and upon their approval we will ask you to send us the full text. After getting their approval of the full text of the monograph, a publication agreement is to be discussed with you and signed.

2) If you are planning to write an author's monograph or have agreed with colleagues to write a collective monograph or a collection of articles, we will also ask you to fill out the form below. Then, our editor will contact you and ask you to answer a few questions regarding the future monograph, as well as its structure. We will send this document for consideration by scientific reviewers and the editorial board. If they approve your proposal, we’ll discuss and sign a publication agreement with you.

Important information: All correspondence with the authors is strictly confidential. “Time In” does not share or distribute information about contacts, negotiations and details of the contracts with third parties without the written consent of the authors.

After the monograph is approved for publication, we sign a license agreement with the author/authors, devised in accordance with all legal standards and requirements of the European Union and the Slovak Republic legislation

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