“Time In” is a small but ambitious scientific publishing house based in Bratislava (Slovakia), which specializes in publishing e-books, special editions and monographs in human sciences in Slovak, Czech, Russian and English languages.

Our mission is to present the best achievements of the humanitarian thoughts from all over the world to the wide scholar audience and the educated public of those countries, to contribute to the international academic exchange and to encourage scientific dialogue and debates.

In the contemporary fast changing world, humanity as a whole and human beings in particular face a great number of complex problems, which sometimes seem unsolvable, societies confront new global and regional contradictions, counter old ones and generate new conflicts.

We believe that only united efforts of academics from all over the world (philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, historians and others) would enable us to discover the right answers to the modern challenges mankind is currently facing.

And we hope that our publishing activities could make a small but significant contribution to the solution to this global task.

To contact us:
e: mail@timein.sk
Kopčianska 10, 851 01
Bratislava - Petržalka, Slovakia
IČO: 52743578 DIČ: 2121147138

Time In s.r.o.